WE Staff 2017-2018


Diondra Dilworth '18

Diondra Dilworth

Diondra is a senior who is concentrating in Chemistry with a CS secondary. She is one of the lucky few to call Cabot House her home. Diondra has been a part of wind ensemble since her freshman year, leaving a forever mark on the trumpet section (for better or worse). Nowadays in the WE community, you're sure to see her sending out her famed "WE-minders" to the group and other witty emails to keep everyone informed. Other than her dedication and commitment to WE, Diondra is the manager of the Harvard University Band (she must really like that trumpet of hers).


William Cho '18

William Cho

Will is a senior studying Biomedical Engineering with a secondary in Philosophy. Will has been playing the clarinet for the Wind Ensemble since he started college, and is always excited to come to rehearsals. He enjoys music very much and can also be seen playing the piano at his House, Quincy House. Will is looking forward to meeting members of the WE, old and new!

Assistant Manager

Taylor Joyce '19

Taylor Minor

Taylor is a junior in Dunster House concentrating in Linguistics (MBB) with a secondary in Neurobiology. Outside of Wind Ensemble, Taylor is involved in volleyball and the Deaf Awareness Club. She also coordinated a pilot sensory-friendly performance for WE in conjunction with Harvard Undergraduates Raising Autism Awareness, another organization she is involved in!

Concert Manager

Emily Valentin '20

Emily Valentin

Emily Valentin is a sophomore living in Currier House. She has enjoyed playing alto saxophone in Wind Ensemble since freshman year, and especially loves hanging out with its awesome members inside and outside of rehearsal. While she hasn't yet decided what she will study, she has decided she loves WE! 

Social Chair

Max Moulton '18

Max Moulton

Max is a senior in Quincy House. He plays the baritone saxophone in our ensemble.


Maya Chung '19

Maya Chung

Maya is a junior in Lowell House studying Earth and Planetary Sciences. Besides playing clarinet in the Wind Ensemble, she also loves being in the Deaf Awareness Club and the Harvard Honor Council. Her favorite part of WE is meeting famous composers (John Mackey and Frank Ticheli!!!) and hanging out with WE's awesome musicians in New York every Fall.


Iris Feldman '20

Iris Feldman

Iris is a sophomore in Dunster House and is thankful to have until November to decide her concentration. When she is not playing clarinet in WE, she can be found struggling to carry the ensemble’s music, making WE based puns, or talking about her gap year. She’s excited to welcome new members to the communiWE. 


David Gardner '20

David Gardner

David is a sophomore in Currier House. He plays the flute in our ensemble.


Luke Xu '20

Luke Xu

Luke is a sophomore in Pforzheimer House. He plays the tenor saxophone in our ensemble.

Publicity Chair

Jay Gopalan '20

Jay Gopalan

Jay is a sophomore in Quincy House. He plays the trombone in our ensemble.